Foot & Ankle Care Products

Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish
Discover the doctor-formulated, healthier alternative to traditional nail polishes.

What’s Inside

  • Tea Tree Oil & Garlic Bulb Extract:
    Ingredients which are naturally occuring anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
  • Vitamins C & E: Organic compounds for healthier, stronger looking skin and nails.
  • What Protein: Protein which contains amino acids to naturally increase shine.

What’s Not

  • No Formaldehyde: A chemical that’s been proven to cause cancer.
  • No DBP: A potential developmental and reproductive toxin that may cause birth defects. It’s even banned in Europe.
  • No Toluene: A chemical that the EPA restricts in our drinking water; it can cause nervous system disorders and damage to the liver and kidneys.



Irest-MassagersIrest Massager Units

High in quality and safe to use for hours at a time, Irest massager units can be used whenever and wherever you want! This gives you the freedom of complete privacy and power of control over your own health. No more drugs or horrible side effects! No more costly therapist appointments! Simply apply the pads to your foot, leg or ankle as instructed by your physician, and you’re ready for a relaxing and stimulating experience!

A tens unit works by sending soft electrical impulses across your skin surface and consequently, nerve strands. Just like a strong painkiller, these electrical impulses then block your pain receptors from registering pain. Instead, your brain begins to release endorphins, or ‘feel good’ chemicals that are the body’s natural painkillers. In this way, whether your pain is chronic or acute, the TENS massager is a sure and safe way to help you overcome the limitations of living in pain without always relying on possibly dangerous pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Jill’s Ball-of-Foot Gel Cushion is an excellent cushion for conditions such Fat pad Atrophy, Metatarsalgia Neuromas, Burning Sensations at the ball fo the foot, calluses. The cushion is washable and re-usable and provides cushioning and long-lasting comfort by reducing pressure when walking or standing.

Dr. Jill’s Callus Cushions feature soft gel which cushions the calluses and reduces ball of foot discomfort. Self-stick cushions make for easy application, and are washable and re-usable. For use in all styles of footwear.

Dr. Jill’s Gel Bunion Pad is washable and re-useable. The pad protects the bunion, taking shoe pressure and friction away from the bunion area. The pad sits over the bunion without adhesive and is held in place by socks or hosiery.

Dr. Jill’s Gel Heel Cushion is washable and re-usable. Soft gel pad cushions the heel with every step. Cushions have a soft velvet top cover for extra comfort. Self-stick, non-medicated cushions make for easy application. Each cushion can be used over-and-over again in all styles of footwear.

Dr. Jill’s U-shaped Callus Cushions contain soft gel which cushions the calluses and reduces ball of foot discomfort. U-shaped portion surrounds painful callus and reduces pain by transferring pressure from the callus to the cushion. Self-stick cushions make for easy application, and are washable and re-usable. For use in all styles of footwear.

Silipos Gel Toe Spreaders align your toes with gentle constant pressure. Gel Toe Spreaders help relieve pain of overlapping toes/toe drift and painful bunions. Recommended for straightening and aligning toes. Gel releases a medical grade mineral oil to lubricate skin as it separates troubled toes. Gel will not flatten or lose its shape like foam or other low cost/low performance products. Dermatologist tested gel. Washable and reusable.

Silipos Metatarsal Universal Gel Strap helps relieve Ball of Foot Pain. Our Metatarsal Universal Gel Strap features an anatomically-shaped pad of soft polymer gel molded on an elastic sleeve that fits comfortably over the forefoot. The gel pad cushions and protects the painful forefoot/metatarsal area of your foot. Available with the gel pad covered for cushioning and uncovered to also moisturize and lubricate the skin.

Silipos Pure Gel Metatarsal Pads are soft silicone gel cushions which help reduce pressure from the toes and metatarsals while providing maximum comfort. The anatomical design supports the ball of the foot and the reinforced toe loop provides increased durability. Ideally used for conditions such as Fat Pad Atrophy, Metatarsalgia, and Morton’s Neuroma. The soft silicone also helps relieve the burning sensation under your metatarsal heads. Easily fits into dress or casual shoes. One size fits all. Washable and reusable.

Silopad Gel Bunion is a spoon-shaped foam protector that gives your bunion instant relief by softly cushioning the bunion from the hard surface of the shoe. The gel dot is key to protect and moisturize the bunion by releasing a high grade mineral oil onto the tender skin.


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